Carolina Calderon, CEO of DENTIDESK, was invited by Latino Startup Alliance to be part of the first Summit of the Americas 2016, held from 19th to 23rd September in San Francisco, California. The idea of America Summit 2016 was born under the global ecosystem of technology Latino, among the leaders of Iberus Marisela Garcia, Gil Maica Enterprising Women Forum and Jesse Martinez SF International Alliance of Latino home. Just last year reflected on the lack of unified presence in the San Francisco Bay, which, despite organize a series of events continued with a lack of technological community.

Meanwhile, Carolina who has been active in the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial community was invited to share and contribute her experiences as an entrepreneur women in technology with the American entrepreneurial environment. A week where the leaders of the technology community and global organizations gathered to share experiences and combine forces to strengthen collaboration of the Americas in the technology community.

Carolina’s contributions in the world of entrepreneurship have been recognized for her participation in two Startups in San Francisco, one of which was acquired by Logitech Inc. and the other in the area of Health care in 2013, as founder of DENTIDESK, she was awarded one of six women entrepreneurs in technology in Latin America and the Caribbean with the greatest potential, and invited to present DENTIDESK at the stage of WeXchange (Miami), organized by the Multilateral Fund investment Fund (MIF) in collaboration with NXTLabs and Ellas 2.0. Thus, Carolina, has shared with other women her technology expertise in different areas of the ecosystem.


AMERICAS SUMMIT 2016, was a week full of events in organizations and leading technology companies in the world with the aim of putting in place a long-term strategy in which they can build a foundation for America in Silicon Valley. The week of the Summit of the Americas opened with the World Day Pitch & office at the offices of LinkedIN SF, where our CEO, was one of those invited to participate in meetings of new businesses and entrepreneurs, in addition to publicize DENTIDESK in the community of San Francisco. The week continued with other activities for growth and development of the attendees entrepreneurs, as Pivotal, or day of “female entrepreneurs” which brought together entrepreneurs from America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia creating the first ecosystem of empowerment that gives visibility to all projects and start- ups by women from any industry-led.

Americas Summit 2016, ended on Friday, September 23rd, at the offices of Facebook, where Carolina was invited to participate, along with four other American entrepreneurs on “The State of the American Entrepreneurship” panel, which was moderated by Carolina Echeverria, Univision journalist.

This experience helped strengthen and create new partnerships with various technology leaders worldwide, establishing new relationships with different dentists in California, knowing their practices and technologies, in order to further enhance the DENTIDESK platform, and make it one of the most recognized in Latin America on behalf of our dentists. Carolina meanwhile stressed that “women are creators of life, with incalculable energy, when we unite and progress, society does as a whole” she concluded.

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