Building your clinic for dental practice requires more effort than just to be a dentist. When a dentist takes the first-ever step to build his own clinic, he needs to be very careful in selection of equipment and the design of his building. Because it takes a lot run an outstanding clinic.

In most of the industries, an office is just a workplace where the professional burns the midnight oil and chases his dreams. Like other industries, the dental office is no different. A dentist needs to be very careful while designing his clinic to accommodate visitors and employees alike.

Office Design:

Dental office design is very crucial due to its tricky practices. Some of the patients are terrified to visit the dentist and to see the traditional clinical environment. So, patients always try to avoid the dentist due to such an uncomfortable environment.

Here are some best practices that should be kept in mind while designing a dental clinic.

  • Respecting Privacy

Patients always love privacy. There may be some financial issues with patients or age-related issues. Providing them with private rooms making them more comfortable and they can discuss their issues with the dentist easily. So having private rooms make the clinic more welcoming.

  • Optimal Space Utilization

Space utilization doesn’t mean that you should use every bit of available space like storing files or housing equipment. On the other hand, modern and well-equipped clinics always try to avoid the saturation of the environment. It affects performance negatively. We should be very careful to keep space utilization top-of-mind when planning or decorating your modern dental clinic.

  • Shop Smarter

One of the most vital steps, while renovating the clinic is the choice and setting of the furniture. It goes beyond just picking the furniture for your clinic. Pay very close attention to things or materials in the waiting room. Choose colours wisely.

  • Fundamental Compartments

There should be reception Room, operating room or clinic, lavatory facilities/comfort room, laboratory room and infirmary aids for emergency cases.

  • Optional Compartments

There may be restroom, dark room for developing radiographs and a storeroom.

  • Important things to consider

Ideal place for a dental office is located in a quiet neighbourhood or in a quiet commercial building. It should be easily accessible to transportation. Its should be ventilated and absence of any type of pollution.


The operating room

The clinic should have a dental chair, dental unit. It usually comes as one set of stationary equipment. It should be installed in the clinic at permanent place.

Dental Chair

It is also called a field chair. It is used for a makeshift place.

Stationary dental chair

It has a wide base and it is very heavy. It is designed to be comfortable with the anatomy of the human body.

Cart Type Delivery System

It has three types i.e purpose chair, exodontist’s chair and child’s chair.

The dental Unit

It consists of cuspidor or spittoon, saliva ejector, tumbler holder, air syringes, water syringes, pilot light and opaque glass plate/x-ray viewer.

Movable Equipment

Dental X-ray, Radiopaque shadow, Radiolucent shadow

Dental Software

Regardless of the size of a dental clinic, it’s a good idea to buy a Dental Software from the beginning, to improve business productivity and patient satisfaction

Attire for the dental staff and patient

Laboratory gowns, Eye Protection, Gloves, Headdresses, Face mask

Sanitation in  Dental office

Aerosol, Disinfectant, Sterilizer

General Dental Instruments

  • Operative Instruments

Hand, Rotary, Condensing Instruments, Plastic Instruments,

  •  Prophylaxis and Diagnostic

Explorers, probes, scalers, curettes, files

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