The new integration developed between DENTIDESK and the German company means one more step towards facilitating interaction between digital health management and digital images taken with Dentsply Sirona equipment. Simplifying processes as well as saving time and money.

In April 2018, DENTIDESK was selected by the German Economy Ministry to join and exclusive group of global healthcare companies. This group gathers every year to generate new businesses in different German cities. After one of these gatherings in the city of Bensheim, the partnership between DENTIDESK’s management software and SIDEXIS’ image processing software was born.

What is this integration about?  

Today, most odontologist utilize digital x-rays while treating a patient. The processing and storage of these images is done through different software, amongst them, the most popular is SIDEXIS, which manages all images obtained through Dentsply Sirona. It is at this point, where DENTIDESK, in its constant mission to find solutions that facilitate our odontologists work and to lead the digital transformation, has developed the first integration with SIDEXIS in Latin America. As a result, you will now be able to visualize all the scanned images in Dentsply Sirona equipment directly in the patients clinical file.


Less processes, more savings. You will no longer have to leave the clinical file to check images. The images will now be available at the patients file within DENTIDESK.

Distance. You will now be able to open scanned images, even if you’re not physically in the x-ray center, from anywhere in the world through DENTIDESK.

No need for large investments. You don’t have to install new equipment or special computers to access the integration.

Patient information integration. Patient information registered in Sidexis will be automatically available at DENTIDESK, and vice versa.


This integration represents about six months working on processes, trials, and development with the German company. As explained by Claudio Gonzales, CTO at DENTIDESK, “Our integration with SIDEXIS allows users to keep patient information synchronized, and to visualize directly at DENTIDESK the images generated in SIDEXIS. This process works with a program, developed by our team, that is installed in SIDEXIS server at the dental clinic, and from there it starts to send and receive information to and from DENTIDESK in a periodic way”. Talking about the technological experience, Claudio Gonzales said that “This development allowed us to learn closely about highly advance technology in regards images treatment, directly from the equipment manufacturer”.

Carolina Calderón, CEO at DENTIDESK and also responsible for leading the technological meeting in Germany said that “in all of our processes with look to partner with the best agents in the worldwide market, and we saw in Dentsply Sirona the company that had these qualifications and they saw in us a company with high technological standards”. Since its beginning, DENTIDESK had been known for being a market leader in Latin America when it comes to tech innovation. It was the first company to implant the idea of building easy-to-use solutions and developing odontology specialty cards amongst other relevant developments. In regard to the aforementioned, Carolina Calderón explained that “All of our efforts and motivation are focused in evolving and adding value, with a highly innovative sense towards our customers, and this partnership with Dentsply Sirona shows where we are aiming”.

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