Kids can be taught about dental health with the help of enjoyable dental activities. Play stimulates interest in kids, so children can learn through these fun projects.

Following are some of the enjoyable games to teach kids about dental health.

  • Stringing Teeth

Help the kids to make 20 teeth using coloured construction paper.  Tie them with a needle using dental floss to make necklace of these teeth models. Guide the kids to use dental floss on teeth.

  • Eat Healthily! Game

Help the kids to search for healthy foods, like fruits from magazines. Then search for unhealthy foods. Make a pile of these pictures. Take two happy tooth and sad tooth bags. Now place the pictures in the specific bag. Have discussion about eating healthy food.

  • Happy Tooth

Make a cute “happy tooth” from white cardboard and attach it to a craft stick. Kids can create an artistic tooth. The kids can wave their sticks while singing a song.

  • Tooth Fairy

Kids will enjoy making a tooth fairy who lose teeth daily. Decorate it with white paper and colours. Draw a picture of the Tooth Fairy on the cover and write a special message for her.

  • Brush My Teeth

Construct yellow teeth with the help of the paper. Then ask your children to brush these yellow teeth with white paint.

  • Smiles Collage

Cut out pictures of smiles from magazines and glue them on paper.

  • Sensory

Cut the bottom sides of the soda plastic bottles. They look like teeth. Spray shaving cream on these models and ask the kids to brush these teeth.

  • Teeth and Good Food

Select “good food” for your teeth out of pictures. Kids will love to hang them in their rooms to remind them of healthy food.

  • Jumbo Toothbrush

Help your kids to make big toothbrushes with the help of cardboard. Now write on it “Healthy Habits”.

  • Science Fun

Take some tiles of ceramic and give the kids different food products, such as jelly to make smear on these tiles. Now ask the kids to brush the teeth with real toothbrushes and toothpaste.

  • Graphs

Make graphs of your favourite toothpaste flavours like mint, fruit or bubble gum.

  • “Eggs”tra Fun Experiment

Place a hard-boiled egg in the soda for a day. Then take out the egg and observe the changes. It is yellow coloured and looks like a plaque. Now brush it with toothpaste. The plaque will really come off.

  • Teeth Discussion

You can have a discussion about baby teeth and adult teeth.
Discuss how it feels to lose a tooth. Kids may tell you about caring and health for their teeth.

  • Dental Recipes, Making Toothpaste

Making toothpaste with salt, baking soda and flavouring of your choice.

  • Toothbrush song

Invent different songs to emphasize on dental cleaning.

Like: Brush your teeth (chchchh, chchchchchhh)

Discuss with kids dental hygiene while they get in a little tooth brushing practice. They will have fun with toothbrush water play in this game.

With a play dentist kit, kids will love to touch, smell, taste toothpaste.

Help kids to make a model of the mouth with cardboard and marshmallows.

In this activity, you can demonstrate the importance of proper teeth cleaning.

In this activity, kids will get excited about flossing.

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