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Dynamic and intuitive scheduling

DENTIDESK’s simple, intuitive and easy to use schedule gives you both the control and the ability to see your own schedule. As well as allowing you to add notes and check your daily availability. All this plus a Drag & Drop feature to give you an even more user-friendly experience.


Automatic notifications to your patients

Our platform handles all appointment confirmations in an automatic way, according to scheduled hours in the calendar.


Full control of your schedule

Designed to be used as your own personal schedule, so that you don’t find yourself in need of a different one just to arrange your day. In addition, each appointment is provided with an automatic confirmation reminder system, which you can send to patients 24 hours prior. You can also either modify, delete or add any info whenever you want.


Appointment scheduling

DENTIDESK allows you to schedule a new patient in a flash, enabling you to add all of their personal data, reason for consultation plus appointment status. All of this is customizable at the time you create your account.


Don’t lose sight of your patients. Have full control over dates and attention/service hours details.


Set everything up

Manage all appointment details with your patients. Confirmation status, attendance, cancellation, reasons and more.



With a single platform, DENTIDESK allows you to manage your own clinic and its multiple branches, giving you total control over the functioning of your establishment.


Our platform provides you with the option of managing the many dental specialties: endodontics, orthodontics, surgery, periodontics, etc. Available in the cloud for you to access when you need it.

Online booking

With either a personalized link or from the web, you can let your patients book their appointments.

Facebook booking

Allow your patients to book or reserve directly from Facebook by using a personalized button.

Mobile booking

By just using your mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet, DENTIDESK will be just a touch away from easily booking an appointment on the go.

Patient confirmation

Confirm with your patients by sending DENTIDESK’s easy and personalized confirmation emails.


DENTIDESK's easy to use interface makes it even easier to configure, with simple settings it can be ready for you to use in less than 1 hour.
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