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Completely customizable

DENTIDESK is able to let you customize the application so that it suits both yours and your clinic needs, this way you have control of both the information and the interface’s graphical aspect, all this resulting in a fully personalized platform.

Permissions settings

DENTIDESK allows you to manage users and their respective privileges within the platform, suit your own preferences by assigning roles in a smart way and by either restricting or enabling information according to your needs.

Manage branches or divisions

You’ll be able to add different branches with DENTIDESK, having quick access to the management of each and every one of them, all this from the platform itself.

Price quoting made simple

Price quoting is a vital part of the dental practice, DENTIDESK is aware of this, that’s the reason why all categories and treatment prices are preloaded into the system for you to use them wherever you need them.

Complete financial management

Nothing will remain uncontrolled in your finances, DENTIDESK’s platform is designed for the optimal management of this particular regard.

Liquidations and reports management

DENTIDESK takes into account the percentages produced by the doctor, after applying a discount, for each of the treatments performed and completed after a discount is applied.

Production calculation

DENTIDESK lets you calculate at any time the productivity of a given health provider (doctor), considering ongoing treatments as well as completed ones by the health provider during a determined amount of time.

Measure satisfaction

Allow the clinic to make their own satisfaction surveys and send them by email to their patients under criteria such as: first time serviced.


Smart decision making

Make decisions regarding both your clinic’s management and your patient’s behavior by reviewing relevant info. Take charge of the number of ongoing treatments, stalled treatments, among others.

Payment managament and record

The system is equipped with a section that is intended for processing full payments and payment by credit towards a patient’s treatment, this can be done through different payment methods.

Money back guarantee

The system is able to revert actions and/or treatments performed by the health provider, as well as being able to process both the refunds and discounts by health provider.


Manage your expenses

View and control the expenses generated due to administrative concepts, issue reports and manage information in that regard.

Inventory and supplies

Manage and control as a whole the inventories, medical supplies and dental supplies of your clinic.


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