There are already many institutions that rely on our solution.


There are already many institutions that rely on our solution.

As a dental management software, DENTIDESK is the perfect ally for any institution.

Payment flexibility

We added social security discount forms.

Gestión Avanzada del Personal

Fichas con código empleados: Asociamos la base de datos de tus trabajadores con el código de la ficha medica.

Advanced staff management

Records containing employees ID codes. We associate your workers’ data base with the ID code on the medical record.

Dr. Iván Soto Lay

Clinical Director Dental Center Workers’ Union No. 1 CODELCO Chuquicamata, Chile

“Each and every treatment performed at our dental center must be justified to the Worker’s Union, that’s exactly where DENTIDESK has come in really handy to all of us, as it allows us to keep track of absences, statistics about patients; letting us submit reports to the organization’s directory. Being a cloud based software, we don’t misplace documents anymore, spend on printing, and most importantly, our patients’ information is easy and quick to access, just a click away.

After 43 years of existence, we decided to make the jump into the digital world, thanks to the reliability given by the DENTIDESK team, who from the very beginning showed professionalism and a genuine concern in resolving our concerns and fears”.

Carolina Burgos Torres

Health Administrator Worker’s Union INCHALAM, Talcahuano, Chile

“Having a computer program like DENTIDESK is undoubtedly a plus for any workers’ union as the company realizes how we worry about carrying a professional management of our clinics. Additionally, DENTIDESK’s team has always been friendly towards answering our inquiries and suggestions”.


Both your institution and your workers are of the utmost importance, that’s why we help you grow through technological implementation and digital transformation.
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