DENTIDESK prepares to simplify the management of dental practices in Latin America and the U.S.
SAN FRANCISCO – July, 2016 – DENTIDESK, a Chilean software company that simplifies the management and administration of dental practices, is expanding to Latin America and the U.S. Led by its CEO and Founder, Carolina Calderon, DENTIDESK helps make the management of dental practices easy for dental practitioners.

Managing a dental office is complex, and most dentists aren’t trained in business administration making it difficult for some to grow their businesses. Aside from the customary activities in dental offices like meeting with patients for checkups, cleanings, fillings, and other dental procedures, dental offices do everything from attracting and acquiring patients, scheduling appointments, updating and safeguarding medical and dental records, reporting, billing, and other administrative tasks.

DENTIDESK was created with dentists to address all their management and administrative needs with the aim of making the business of running a dental practice easy. DENTIDESK helps dentists with tasks such as digitizing paperwork, eliminating duplication, protecting data, medical histories, and dental imagery.

“DENTIDESK is a very well structured and an impeccable logic system. It allows me and my team to have functions in the palms of the hands that run in seconds”, said Luis Quevedo, Dental Surgeon and dental practice owner.

DENTIDESK customers in Chile love the solution as evidenced by DENTIDESK’s 100 percent customer retention rate. DENTIDESK is now excited to be bringing its solution to dentists in Latin America and U.S. so that they, too, can concentrate on what matters most to them, their patients.

DENTIDESK relies on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for its solution.

“Microsoft Azure provides a reliable and highly available service for DENTIDESK and its customers. We’re pleased that DENTIDESK and its customers can benefit from Azure’s global scale, flexibility and enterprise-grade security”, said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp.

DENTIDESK is a Chilean startup whose intuitive and easy-to-use tools allow dentists to efficiently handle high volumes of patient information. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables dentists to manage patient information from any device connected to the Internet.

About Carolina Calderon
Carolina Calderon, B.A. in Computer Sciences, is Founder and CEO of DENTIDESK. Carolina left Chile in 2001 to settle in San Francisco where she became certified in Java programming and was employed at Startup Berkeley, SightSpeed. In 2008 she obtained a certificate in Information Systems and Management (with distinction) at the University of California, Berkeley, thanks to the scholarship she was awarded by her company. In the same year, SightSpeed was acquired by Logitech International, where Carolina worked until 2010 when she decided to return to Chile. In 2013 she founded DENTIDESK. In 2013, Carolina was recognized by the FOMIN as one of the highest potential woman entrepreneurs in Latin America and was invited to pitch DENTIDESK in Miami. In 2014, the Stanford University School of Business awarded her a merit scholarship to study in its program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Currently, Carolina is focusing her efforts on expanding DENTIDESK.

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